About Us

Soulfulresonance.shop exists to serve as an ecosystem of wearable and functional creative expression created by artists for art lovers who also care about their environmental impact. The company is owned and operated by African American women. At this time in an effort to reduce waste and be regenerative in our business model, all items in our collection are made print to order. As we grow in abundance and impact, we will be producing boutique eco-friendly high fashion collections. Be a part of the journey by supporting our creative ecosystem.


Treneti is a multi-disciplinary artist who harnesses the apex of her creative energy through The SOUND. As a self-taught musician, vocalist, bassist, producer, and lifelong professional dancer, Treneti is a prime example of creative limitlessness found with the proper convergence of trust in the unknown and dedication. Born and raised in inner-city Chicago, Treneti is heavily influenced by her Chicago-House roots. A true New Earth Renaissance woman, Treneti is a trailblazer in the new and evolutionary field of Regenerative Arts. She is the founder and CGO of Soulful Resonance, an emerging Regenerative Arts Production Company, and Primordial Sound Archives, a Regenerative Arts Music Label. As an educator, Treneti mentors other regenerative artists to ground into their power, express their truth and embody holistic integral business practices with their creative offerings. 


Keema G Shopify

As a healing practitioner for over 2 decades, Dr. Keema Giesselmann has found joy in serving communities and connecting us to our true essence! She practices energy medicine, womb care, mind/body interventions, and vibrational sound healing (what she calls KeemaTherapy). Through intuitive caregiving, she helps people to cope with and/or recover from health crises and assists those with end-of-life issues to transition from this physical plane. Outside of the healing realm, she enjoys editing (books, articles, websites, manuscripts, etc.), writing/blogging, implementing curriculum development for online courses, and doing simple website development. Keema is passionate about following divine guidance on her path as a change agent for greater universal consciousness and mindfulness.